Home loans

1st Street provides an all-encompassing solution for your home loan requirements with a wide range of home loan services.

Loan TypeDescription
BASIC HOME LOANA no-frills loan with a low variable interest rate and little or no fees.
LINE OF CREDITA pre-approved limit which can be borrowed in part or in its entirety.
SPLIT LOANA loan which manages risk and is split between fixed and variable interest rates.
INVESTMENT LOANA tax-effective loan for investors.
INTRODUCTORY RATE HOME LOANA lower initial rate for those looking to minimise payments in the short term.
Redraw FacilityA feature which allows you to make additional repayments to reduce the loan amount and minimise the interest, with the option to redraw additional funds at any time.
Offset Account or All In One AccountAn account which combies your loan, savings, credit and cheque accounts which is intended to minimise the loan amount and thus reduce the interest payable
Construction LoanAccess funds as they are required at the various stages of building.
First Home Buyer LoanEase into the repayments and the costs of buying a first home. 1st Street can also assist buyers with obtaining the First Home Owners Grant and Stamp Duty Exemptions.
Bridging LoanFor when you need to access funds for a limited time only. This type of financing usually is a result of an overlap of two properties.